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Your jewel is proposed in one of the possible assembly versions.

You can change the style by moduling the order of the chain-links. By adding links, your necklace can become a sautoir or by removing links your necklace can become a choker.

This is the very essence of Amniotic jewelry: a creative experience.

The concept: your Amniotic jewel made up of chain links of different sizes.

Your Amniotic jewel

Discover your Amniotic jewel, composed of chain-links to be assemble into a chain. They come in different sizes and shapes, each have a micro-slot that allows the chain to be created.

Three metal finishes are available: Pale gold, pink gold and palladium.

As well as the gun metal finish, available only in module kit, to liven up and give relief to your jewel.


Firmly hold perpendicularly two chain-links, slot against slot, and press them together.

To separate two chain-links from each other, perform the same perpendicular position and pull firmly.

You need to apply fairly firm pressure, which also ensures that they stay in place.

The metal may soften a little as it is assembled.

Modular Amniotic jewelry, link assembly.
The concept is to modify your jewelry: the game begins, and it's up to you to create your own chain.

Modul your jewel

You are now the game master, create your own chain !

The designer advice is to place your jewel in a tray, so that it can be easily dismantled in whole or in part. Move and swap chain-links until you find the style that suits you best.

For more inspiration, please find some suggested combinations on the e-shop’s photos. We are proposing four different compositions for the same piece of jewelry. The Gallery and Instagram also provide ideas for creative new versions.

Designer’s tip: To place Micro-links in between larger links form a flatter and harmonious chain. Larger links joined together will give your creation more relief and boldness.

One jewel for a multitude of creations

Jewelry kits are an infinite source of creation : Create a new story every day!

Transform and reinvent your jewelry according to life’s moments: From mornings to evenings, according to your desires. A classic style in mid-length symmetry, a flattering style as a pendant in a neckline, a rocking style as a choker or to bring a fun look, opt for asymetry !

For even more style variety, lengthen or mix colors with the addition of modules, or mix jewels together… as a belt, a harness… it’s up to you!

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A sensory and creative game, Amniotic lets you create your own piece of jewelry, which can be infinitely modified to suit your personality and desires.

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